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What is C30 Ice Gel and How Should You Use It?

In this practical how-to article, we explain what a C30 Ice Gel is, how it can benefit you, and tips for getting the most out of it.

Launching just in time for the summer heat, C30 Ice Gels may just be a true "game-changer" for athletes who train and compete in hot weather conditions. Successfully deployed by Neversecond during the 2022 Tour de France and with 2023 Unbound Gravel champion Keegan Swenson, C30 Ice Gels are the newest energy gels will be used extensively by many top professionals in endurance, field and court sports throughout the 2023 summer season.


What is a C30 Ice Gel?

C30 Ice Gels are a freezable energy gel that combines the fast energy delivery of an isotonic energy gel with the core cooling benefits of an ice slush. A C30 Ice Gel is an energy gel that, when frozen, helps to cool core body temperature. It is essentially a high-performance ice pop!


What are the benefits of C30 Ice Gels?

C30 Ice Gels deliver 30 grams of fast-absorbing energy by 2:1 glucose-to-fructose composition. Each C30 Ice Gel also contains 200mg of sodium for fluid delivery and retention. As a frozen product, C30 Ice Gels can also help to cool core body temperature.


When should athletes use C30 Ice Gels?

Endurance athletes can use C30 Ice Gels during supported race situations where a support team can maintain cold conditions. C30 Ice Gels are also ideal as part of post-session hot weather recovery. Simply consume a C30 Ice Gel after your session to kick-start your carb intake and cool down. Field and court sport athletes (football, basketball, rugby, tennis, etc.) will also benefit from C30 Ice Gels when they need optimal fuelling during hot weather conditions.


How should I freeze my C30 Ice Gels?

Freeze your C30 Ice Gels with tops upward. Do not freeze them lying down. Freezing upward allows the liquid to freeze out of the "cut zone" so that they are easier to cut open before use. You can freeze C30 Ice Gels inside of the box or individually.

C30 Ice Gel Freeze Standing Up


How long does it take to freeze C30 Ice Gels?

C30 Ice Gels should fully freeze within 3-4 hours in standard freezer conditions. It is important to keep them fully frozen until use. Remove C30 Ice Gel from freezer or cooler just before use. They are ready for use right after removal from freezer. Simply remove from freezer, cut off top and consume.


Cut the tops off. Do not tear C30 Ice Gels open.

Since C30 Ice Gels are intended for post-session or in situations where there is support, it is best to cut the tops off rather than tearing them open. C30 Ice Gels are not designed to be torn open. They are durable to withstand freezer conditions and are not intended to be torn open. They are designed to be cut open.

C30 Ice Gel Cut Off Top Before Use


How long do C30 Ice Gels stay frozen?

Once removed from freezer (or a very cold cooler), you should consume C30 Ice Gel within 5-10 minutes. It is an ice slush, so will melt very quickly in hot conditions.


How do I consume a C30 Ice Gel?

Consume a C30 Ice Gel only as a frozen product. Squeeze up from bottom just like a standard energy gel. In frozen form, the product is like an ice pop. Squeeze up and consume in bite-size portions.

C30 Ice Gel Squeeze Up From Bottom

Can I consume a C30 Ice Gel like a standard energy gel (without freezing it)?

We do do not recommend consuming a C30 Ice Gel as an unfrozen product. As the unfrozen product consistency is liquid, the experience will be very messy.


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