Multiple world mountain running champion

When Joseph Gray steps to a starting line of just about any race that is on a trail and which involves uphill or downhill running, he will likely win. He makes it seem easy. But mountain running is anything but easy. 2022 has been another incredible year for Joseph with wins far outnumbering any other finish position. He is the first Black American to not only make the Team USA Mountain Running Team, but also the first to win both the USA National Mountain Running Championships and The World Mountain Running Championships. Joseph was voted the greatest male mountain runner of all time by a poll conducted by the World Mountain Running Association. When he is not winning races, Joseph spends a great deal of his time supporting the community. His foundation Project Inspire Diversity works to support young athletes of colour to keep them motivated and fuel the future in athletics.




Colorado Springs

Favourite race

Pikes Peak Ascent

Joseph Gray

Joseph's pick

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