Lover of rocks, baked goods, and coffee. Katie is originally from Maine in the USA where she grew up hiking, playing lots of sports, and taking sledding very seriously! During her college summer breaks, Katie worked in mountain huts in New Hampshire’s White Mountains, where she confirmed her love for exploring rocky trails and living above treeline. Running out the door and onto a trail with a bag of snacks was (and still is!) the ultimate sense of freedom for her. Katie loves spending long days moving through the mountains – whether that be running, skiing, biking, or some combination. A pure adventure-seeker, she likes to draw lines on maps and then see where her body can take her. This love of running blossomed into competitive hunger once Katie moved to Europe, where she unearthed her passion for racing - with resounding success. Katie has won & finished on the podium at many of the world's most competitive ultratrail races including the 90km du Mont Blanc, Lavaredo Ultra Trail, and Madeira Island Ultra Trail. She also has 3 top 10 finishes at UTMB (including her win in 2022!). It’s clear to see that she is a force to be reckoned with in the trail running world!




Gardiner Maine

Favourite race

Madeira Island Ultra Trail

Katie Schide Watch Them Again

Katie's Pick

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How American ultrarunner Katie Schide smashed the Western States course record.

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