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Fuel and Hydration Drink Mixes Keegan Swenson

The first thing I noticed when I tried Neversecond C30 and C90 drink mixes is the mild flavour. They're not sweet and over-flavoured like a lot of the other drink mixes on the market. They deliver plenty of energy and keep me well fuelled and hydrated. I use C30 in the summer and C90 in the cooler months.

Keegan Swenson
2023 Life Time Grand Prix Champion

Only what you need for optimal performance. Nothing you don't.

The vast majority of "hydration" and "electrolyte" mixes are developed by marketers sitting at desks. They are too sweet, too salty, too flavourful and full of all sorts of ingredients which serve no purpose and which can actually impede performance. Our drink mixes contain only 4 ingredients - maltodextrin, fructose, sodium and natural flavour. Each serving delivers fast-absorbing energy by 2:1 maltodextrin-to-fructose carbohydrate blend and 200mg of sodium. Our drink mixes are pH-neutral to minimise the risk of stomach problems. They are purpose-built to fuel and hydrate endurance athletes to their best performances.

How are your drink mixes different than other drink mixes?

Neversecond C30 Sports Drink and C90 High Carb Mix are very different than other "hydration" and "electrolyte" mixes. They provide exactly what you need for optimal performance - precise 30-gram increments of carbohydrate via 2:1 maltodextrin-to-fructose carbohydrate blend and 200mg of sodium per serving to help deliver and retain fluid. Our drink mixes are especially mild in flavour and are pH-neutral so that they are very easy on the gut - even at high intensity.

What flavours do you offer?

C30 Sports Drink is available in Citrus and Forest Berry flavours. C90 High Carb Mix is available in Citrus flavour.

A lot of other hydration mixes are salty and full of electrolytes. Why aren't yours?

Generally speaking, electrolytes have been "overhyped" by brands looking to sell more of something you likely do not need. 99% of the electrolyte conversation is really about sodium. We use 200mg of sodium per serving in our C30 Sports Drink and C90 High Carb Drink Mix to deliver and retain fluid. Considering a "normal" range of sodium sweat, we feel that 200mg per serving is the right sodium level for the vast majority of athletes.

Should I choose C30 or C90?

This depends on duration of exercise and sweat rate. For any session shorter than 2:30 hrs, we recommend using C30 mix. As the duration of exercise surpasses 2:30 hrs, you can use either product. For cooler temperatures where sweat rate is relatively low, both products can work well. But as temperatures and sweat rate increase, you will be better off with C30 Sports Drink since your fluid needs will increase relative to your fuel needs.

What if I need 60 grams per hour?

Many athletes ask this question. As many sessions often last 2 hours more or less, many athletes want to take 60 grams of carbohydate per hour. Simply add 2 scoops of C30 Sports Drink Mix to each bottle instead of 1 scoop. You can also use 1 scoop per bottle and supplement with Neversecond energy bars or any C30 gel.

Can I take C30 and C90 drink mixes with other products?

Absolutely! All C-Series fuel products are formulated to be mixed and matched as they use a common composition, so you can take energy gels in conjunction with drink mixes for training and competition.

Driven by science.

We use only evidence-based research and studies to develop our products.

What’s on the label is what’s in it.

No unnecessary ingredients. No syrupy flavours. No magic ingredients. No birthday cake bars.

Trust but verify.

All Neversecond products are rigorously tested and certified free of banned substances by Informed Sport.

We test exhaustively.

We test new products rigorously in our performance lab and in the field with athletes.