Energy Bars

Energy Bars

The first fuel bars formulated for athletes in motion. Like our energy gels, our fuel bars redefine what you can expect from a chewable. They are true performance bars that deliver fast energy with a reduced risk of stomach problems.

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Energy Bar Collection Katie Schide

I really love the C30 Fuel Bars as a solid chewable fuel source. They are the first bar that I can get down easily. It's the perfect size for on-the-go fuelling.

Katie Schide
2022 UTMB Champion

We're setting a higher bar for fuelling.

To make an outstanding performance bar for endurance athletes is no easy task. There is a long-standing history of brands marketing snack bars as performance products. The vast majority of these products are formulated for hiking and lower intensity "lifestyle" activity. Our energy bars are strictly designed for athletes in motion.

How our energy bars differ from other bars

When we consider how to avoid GI problems, composition really matters. A performance bar needs to have very low fat, protein and fibre to ensure fast absorption of energy. C30 Fuel Bars contain very little fat - and negligible fibre and protein values. A compact 47g size, they are also smaller than other energy bars - the right size for in-motion eating and easy portability.

When to use C30 Fuel Bars

C30 Fuel Bars are ideal for pre-race or training as well as in-race or training. Each bar contains 30 grams of fast-absorbing carbohydrate like all of our other C-Series Fuelling Products - so athletes who prefer something to chew on can use our C30 Fuel Bars together with our fuel and hydration mixes and energy gels as a fully integrated fueling solution.

A lower-risk chewable for long-course athletes

Whether a marathon gravel rider, an ultra runner or an Ironman athlete, long-course athletes usually need something to chew on at some point. Traditional running and triathlon gels and drink mixes do not provide a feeling of fullness and satiation that solid chewable foods can provide. C30 Fuel Bars are a safer solution that many "real food" choices.

How are C30 Fuel Bars formulated?

C30 Fuel Bar is a 2:1 glucose-to-fructose energy bar that is formulated for performance athletes. It has compact size and smooth texture, so C30 Fuel Bar is easy to chew and swallow at higher intensity effort. It stays soft in cold and hot weather. C30 Fuel Bar is very low in fat, fibre and protein - all of which can inhibit energy absorption.

How are these bars in hot and cold?

One of the problems with a lot of energy bars in that they become hard to chew in cold weather. C30 Fuel Bars are easy to chew and swallow in cold weather. In hot weather, many bars become soft and sticky - making them messy and hard to eat. C30 Fuel Bars do not become sticky and are easy to consume in hot weather conditions.

Are C30 Fuel bars gluten-free?

No. Our bars are made from glutenous flour and are not gluten-free. Athletes with gluten sensitivity should not use this product.

Why are C30 Fuel Bars smaller than other energy bars?

Most energy bars are simply too large, which can increase the risk of stomach problems. C30 Fuel Bars are a compact 47g size. This is the right size to keep the risk of gastrointestinal issues low. It also makes them ideal for easy portability. C30 Fuel Bars fit easily into a jersey pocket or hydration vest.

Can C30 Fuel Bars be eaten with other C-Series products?

Yes. C30 Fuel Bars are formulated to work as a system with our other C-Series products - so you can mix and match C30 Fuel Bars with any other C-Series fuelling products to meet your overall fuel needs.

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