Muscle Recovery Protein Powder

Muscle Recovery Protein Powder

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A "pure protein" source formulated with 87% whey protein isolate.

P30 Recovery Mix is a premium protein drink mix which contains 87% whey protein isolate, a superior quality protein source. Each serving contains 30 grams of high-quality protein and negligible amounts of fat and carbohydrate.

When should I take P30?

For recovery, it is best to take P30 30 minutes after your training session or race. You can consume as an additional dietary supplement as well to ensure sufficient daily protein intake.

Do you sell protein shakers as well?

We do! Although it is not necessary, a protein shaker will reduce clumps and make for a more enjoyable experience.

Why is this product more expensive than many other protein mixes?

Mostly due to quality. Many mixes use inferior concentrates which are a lower quality protein source. We also batch test all of our mixes to ensure we are free of banned substances.

I am lactose intolerant. Is this safe to drink?

Whey protein isolate has most of the milk fat removed, so it will generally be much better for lactose-intolerant athletes. But we always recommend testing to ensure success.

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