UCI's Most Unconventional Team

When we set out looking for a professional cycling team to partner with, we knew that EF Education-NIPPO was our first and only choice. At the center of our bond is our rebellious and scrappy spirit that transcends beyond winning and podiums. 2021 has been a tremendous year for our partnershop. We have been captivated by EFs big race wins and the incredible human stories surrounding such events as this summer’s ALT Tour and coverage of smaller, off-the-beaten-path evets like Leadville 100 MTB, Breck Eric and Tro-Bro-Léon. We look forward to an incredible collaboration in 2022 where we collectively bring awareness to the importance of performance nutrition and new followers to the world of cycling.




Scottsdale Arizona


High-Performance Triathlon Coaching


Jason Lentzke

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