2023 Marathon Du Mont Blanc Champion

From his home base in the Maritime Alps of southern France, Germain travels the world with his guitar, but is always happiest when back in the Mercantour National Park skiing, biking, climbing, or running. Germain has been active in the Alpine area his whole life but was most focused on mountain biking and alpine skiing. He stumbled upon the joys of running later in his twenties when he left competitive cycling. Living in the mountains, Germain saw that trail running was the simplest and fastest way to move across challenging terrain and to draw his own lines towards ridges and summits. His passion for ultrarunning comes from its power to help him escape and to grow as a person. As a former geologist, Germain constantly tries to understand the history of the mountains. It adds another sense of meaning to his runs. He observes and finds inspiration from all that is around him. As a competitive racer, Germain is a consistent global top performer, culminating with his recent win at 2023 Marathon du Mont Blanc.




Isola France

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Germain Grangier

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